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What is a domain anyway?

Every computer has its own unique Internet protocol address however it’s hard to remember IP addresses so it has to be changed over into unique symbolic names called domain names. A domain is contained the second level domain name – usually a person, company or product name – and the ending top-level domain, which serves as an additional descriptor. For instance, geographic top-level domains incorporate for India, .ch for Switzerland and for United Kingdom. Business locales can end with .com or .biz, educational institutions with .edu etc.

What will you get under Domain Info

Registrar Domain Info

This tool will give you the information about administrates domain names, owner contact information i.e. registry or registrar information and the name of the server.

Updated Date

It will tell you the last updated date of the domain name.

Creation Date

Created date means on which date domain name created.

Expiration Date

Expiration date will tell you when the domain will expire.

Domain Age

It will tell you the age of any domain. Domain age means the length of the time that the website exists or active. It will tell you domain age including year, date and time.