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SSL is a protocol for dealing with the security corporation between an internet browser and an Internet server. SSL Certificates, (secure socket layer) security is a must have for any online E-Commerce website or any site which that desires to acknowledge payments. SSL certificates provide public information about the security of a domain, server, or service SSL Checker confirms that SSL certificate of any domain is installed appropriately or not. It helps users to recognize the site is secure to visit or not. It empowers you to scramble the information transfer between the web server and the browser. With the support of tool, you will become more acquainted with the SSL errors, appropriate installation, valid, trusted, authorized person( from whom it was issued by), subject (to whom it was issued for), and the expiration date of the certificate.

What will you get from SSL Installation Checker

Subject Alternative Name(SAN)

Subject alternative name gives permission to use multiple host-names or servers can be used by a single SSL Certificate.

Certificate Expiration

SSL Installation checker will help you to simply knowing whether your SSL certificate is expired or the date when your SSL certificate will expire. You can get SSL Validation information, certificate expiration and revoke.

Certificate Common Name (CN) and Host-name Match

Common name represents the host/server name protected by SSL Certificate. If Common name doesn’t match with the requested host-name, than site can’t be trusted. Common name contains only one entry, it’s not possible to specify a list of name under common name field. SSL Installation checker will tell you the entire information about the certificate.

Additional Information

SSL Installation checker will provide you the certificate details I.e. serial number, Signature Algorithm, location, and DNS details.